jueves, 6 de junio de 2013

The Fault in Our Stars

"Hold on," He mumbled to me. He walked over to Isaac and grabbed him by the shoulders. "Dude, pillows don't break. Try something that breaks."
Isaac reached for a basketball trophy from the shelf above the bed and then held it over his head as if waiting for permission. "Yes," Augustus said. "Yes!" The trophy smashed against the floor, the plastic basketball player's arm splintering off, still grasping its ball. Isaac stomped on the trophy. "Yes!" Augustus said. "Get it!" 
And then back to me, "I've been looking for a way to tell my father that I sort of hate basketball, and I think we've found it." The trophies came down one after the other, and Isaac stomped on them and screamed while Augustus and I stood a few feet away, bearing waitness to the madness.
The poor, mangled bodies of plastic basketballers litteres the carpeted ground: here, a ball palmed by a disembodied hand; there, two torsoless legs caught midjump. Isaac kept attacking the trophies, jumping on them with both feet, sceaming, breathless, sweaty, until finally he collapsed on the top of the jagged trophic temnants.
Augustus stepped toward him and looking down. 
"Feel better now?" he asked.
"No." Isaac mumbled, his chest heaving.
"That's the thing about pain," Augustus said, "It demands to be felt."

Tanto tiempo esperando este libro y me estoy terminando en una semana.
Ya me hizo llorar dos veces, me dio escalofríos, me hizo reír alto en el subte.
Gracias John Green ♥

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